2018 League of List Builders Scholarship Entry #lolb 2018 LEAGUE OF LIST BUILDERS SCHOLARSHIP ENTRY 2018 with Jonathan Tilley #lolb2018

I’ve heard ah-maz-ing stuff about this class, so I’m crossing my #hollypops that @jonathantilleydotcom likes my scholarship entry!
His glistening brows alone should make you sign up for the class!


Sign up HERE!


Good luck to everyone who is putting themselves out there!!! xoxoxoxo

P.S. His glasses are waaaayyyyy cooler than mine.

Dragons Love Tacos!


I had a blast narrating Dragons Love Tacos for Learning Ally! Have you read it? If not, you should totally buy it for your kid’s Christmas! Its brilliantly written by Adam Rubin, and fantastically illustrated by Daniel Salmieri!

Interested in narrating for Learning Ally? Contact Michael Kinsey or Susan Smith!

Representation in the U.K. – BigFish Media!



How awesome to be a part of this amazing roster of voiceover talent! BigFish Media is my very first international talent agent! Woohoo!

I’m in good company with….Caryn Model and Talent Management!



I’m super happy to be represented by none other than Caryn Model and Talent Management of Minneapolis, Minnesota! And hey, it’s fun to say MinnesOOOta! I’ve been saying it all week long just for fun!

Happy Play Dough Day!

Because I love you so much…and who doesn’t like PLAY DOUGH!??….I’ve created a special treat just for you to celebrate National Play Dough Day 2017!


Download Hollypop’s Homemade Play Dough Recipe here!



Voice Arts Awards – WONDER

And the Award Goes to…

Imagine my surprise when Learning Ally, an amazing non-profit, nominated my recent audio book, WONDER, for a prestigious Voice Arts Award! I’m so thankful to Michael Kinsey for his efforts in coordinating this very worthwhile project! Results will be announced in November!







wonderI’m also super excited that WONDER, my daughter’s all-time favorite book, is being made into a movie starring THE Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson!!!

If you are unfamiliar with Learning Ally, definitely check them out! They are a national non-profit dedicated to helping students with print disabilities, including blindness, visual impairment and dyslexia. They assist kids with these reading-related learning differences through the use of audio books and other aids!


SAG Animated Feature Film

A Feature Film!?

Guess who booked her very first SAG animated feature film?! holly-headshotTHIS GIRL! And not just one role, but two! Can’t wait to tell you all about it soon!

And can I just mention how incredibly grateful I am for my awesome Dallas Agent and Agency? Julie Holman from Kim Dawson Agency, you are a total rockstar!


Owlegories – Volume 7

As you no doubt know by now, I have the pleasure of voicing the Violet, the sparkly, purple owl! Aaaannnnddd…drum roll please…..she plays a superhero in the latest volume!

owlegories-6Super excited to announce Owlegories Vol. 6 (The Wind, The Moon, The Rainbow) and two new storybooks are available Sep. 7th! Visit and buy yours today!

In case you need me to refresh your hollyvioletmemory…this is VIOLET. OMGosh. She’s obviously the cutest, most twinkletastic one! 🙂 But I may be biased.

FUNimation – One Piece

How cool is that I get to voice not one, not two, but FIVE little mermaids for FUNimation’s One Piece?! Each lil gal comes with a unique personality, and a cowgirl hat to boot!


L to R: Yonka Two, Yonka, Sanka, Nika, Ichika

The Medaka Mermaid Quintuplets are five teeny lil mermaids whose names are IchikaNikaSankaYonka, and Yonka Two. Try repeating those five names 3 times without stopping!

I’ve had the privilege of being directed by Mike McFarlandJoel McDonald and Sonny Straight. All really great guys who help me remember which mermaid is which when I’m recording!

Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!!!

Not that you noticed…but it’s Squirrel Appreciation Day.

As a squirrel, I find no one appreciates me like they should….sigh. So I decided to just appreciate myself today. To celebrate, I’m binging on nuts (and lollipops) and playing some risky chicken with the neighborhood drivers. Speaking of chickens, I can voice those too. Bok Bok.squirrel-collage

Remember if you’re ever in the market for a pet squirrel, or any rodent for that matter, give me a holler (or a squeak), and I’ll come scurrying right over.


And here’s some squirrel fun if you find it in your heart to celebrate this awesome day that should totally be declared a Federal Holiday!!! Duh.

Thanks a gazillion to Hi-Rez and School Zone for allowing me to part of the above projects!