TIP TUESDAY (except it’s Thursday)! Been pretty excited about the SQUIRREL since day uno! And it’s finally here!! Backtrack…we’ve been talking about how to use your body when recording character voices! So today’s post is about SQUIRRELS!


Smite’s Ratatoskr!


Speaking of squirrels, I’ve put a few pics in this post of some squirrels I’ve gotten to play!

Autumn Red Squirrel!

Schoolzone’s Autumn Red Squirrel!







In case you missed the other characters, so far we’ve covered:

How to be a VO Princess

How to Be a Big Fat Whiny Fit Throwing Baby!

How to Talk Texan/Cowboy/Hick/Hillbilly/Yeehaw!

Ck out this week’s installment of … Physicality in VO – Part 4 – SQUIRRELS!

Watch the video, but if you’re too lazy, read this:

SQUIRRELS! Get your big buck teeth showing, beady eyes – quick glances around the mic, and talk faster than those medical ad disclaimers. Every once in a while shake out your bushy tail just because it’s fun. Often times I hold my hands together like T-rex arms when I’m doing a squirrel. And nibble your gathered nuts!




Here’s what’s coming in the Physicality & Props in VO Series!

What do you think about the SQUIRREL video? Too much? Talk faster?

Squirrel Squad

Tell me.


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