real. different. voice. – allan peck. (and all around great guy)

This week’s Feature Artist holds a special place in my heart. He’s the nicest guy you’ll ever meet, and one of my first VO buddies!

MEET allan peck. real. different. voice.

He’s the signature voice of the ELLEN Show! Can you even believe that? I feel famous because I know Allan, and Allan works with Ellen. They’re colleagues. OHMYGOSH. He’s the voice of CNBC Prime, Fox, CBS, The CW, and ABC! Oh and he did the Muppets Movie campaign and Justin Bieber’s movie campaign (though I think he’s still apologizing for that one).ellenshow

But I know him as the nice guy from my home agency, Kim Dawson Talent, in Dallas. We got to play pretend and voice obnoxious cheerleaders together for a couple of radio spots (oh the glory days)! And he’s also the real.different.voice guy who drove across the metroplex to help me figure out my first recording set-up! I still have that knock-off mic and old white Apple he recommended! I knew him before he became a dad of FIVE. yes. FIVE.

But guess what? Even though he’s all superstar ELLEN now, he’s just the same sweet Allan. Let’s hear from him now!

Bio:  I started doing this as soon as I learned how to talk, but didn’t know it paid anything until later in life.  I had two dreams – one was to be on the radio, and the other to be a voice actor.  I started both at the same time at age 19, and eventually left radio to focus on VO full time.  That only took 15 years.

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Allan Peck and all his bff's at the Oscars.

Allan Peck and all his bff’s at the Oscars.

Listen to Allan’s Demos

Voiceover Specialties:  Promo/Trailer/Commercial/TV Affiliate/Radio Imaging/Corporate Narration/

Fave Gig Ever and Why:  When they just use my audition for the final cut 😉

Dream Client:  The best clients are ones that are truly make you feel a part of the “team”.  VO can be a very isolating sect of the business, and it’s so refreshing to be actively involved in the creative process.  Being in the creative field is supposed to be fun, and nothing is more rewarding than those sessions where you felt like a kid again and just “played” for a while until you’ve solved that creative problem!

What does your typical VO day look like?  Nothing like I ever imagined, I’ll tell you that.  My first session is usually around 8:30 am central time, and my last is around 2-3 am.  I’m so fortunate to have such a diverse group of clients and be able to work in so many arenas of VO, I never get bored, tired, or burned out.  I have an amazing team that supports me all the way from my wife (she’s the real star), to manager (Cope Management), to the best agents in the world, that all allow me and give me the tools to focus solely on voice acting…not voice invoicing/collecting/marketing/etc.  I’m changing diapers, picking up kids from school, and my wife’s right hand man in between.  It’s just a go, go, go kinda day, and if you’ve ever met me, you know that fits my personality perfect!

Where can we hear you next?  You can hear me every day as the in-show and promo announcer for “Ellen” and signature promo voice every night on CNBC as well as local tv and radio stations across the country.

Allan's early studio setup.

Allan’s early studio setup.

How did you get started in VO?  This is literally all I’ve ever wanted to do.  I was the weird kid that turned the sound of tv shows and music on radio stations down, and the commercials and DJ’s up.  My parents have mounds of cassettes of me in my room just talking to myself or doing my own play by play with Rangers games and VHS tapes of fake movie trailers, promos, and commercials.  Fast forward to legal working age, I figured out that those things actually paid money.  I had been making “demos” in my bedroom since I was a kid, and I shopped one around to local talent agencies in Dallas, TX with zero response…except for one agent, who I never thought in a million years would ever call me back. Kim Dawson Talent, and I’ve been with them ever since.  That was 20 years ago.  That set in motion the rest of my career and professional life.

Newbie tip:  Ignorance truly is bliss.  There is a sense of fearlessness you have as a newbie, that you’ll only have as a newbie because you have nothing to lose.  Use that to your benefit, don’t run from it, and always try to keep a little bit of that with you in your entire journey.

Be fearless.

Be fearless.

Home studio set up?  I like to keep things super simple and basic.  I use a Sennheiser 416 that goes into a John Hardy M-1 preamp, which feeds into an Apollo 8 Duo into a Mac Mini. 

Worst thing you’ve ever seen a talent do at a session? Honestly, the most common mistake thing I notice is just talking.  too.  much.  You have to understand that while this isn’t a typical business environment, there is real money at stake, and time is the most expensive thing in the world.  The client is usually paying big $$ to use that studio with the amazing snacks in the break room.  Don’t add to that cost by wasting time by talking to much, constantly making excuses for mistakes, or bringing your personal issues into that booth.  Do your job, be cordial, and snag some of those snacks on your way out.  Done.

One useful marketing tip?  Again, I don’t really handle that part, but just do your research with who you’re reaching out to.  One on one marketing is always going to be more successful than mass. 

Top social media tip?  Ha.  Don’t.  Seriously.  Actors are notorious for not having the self control to edit their social media thoughts.

Allan steers clear.

Allan steers clear.

Most useful software for your VO biz?  Dropbox, by far.  It makes my workflow so super fast.  Love.  Love.  Love.

What keeps you busy outside of VO?  Well, my wife and I have four kids under the age of 7 and another on the way that will probably be here by the time you read this, so, um, yeah.  That’s my fuel and the thing I’m most proud of.  They remind me every day that I have to back up what I teach them – chase your dreams no matter how ridiculous they seem, persevere no matter what, work 100 times harder than those that doubt you, and never stop believing.

Interesting fact no one knows about you?  Not one single person has ever told me I have a good voice for VO, lol      

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Social Media: Nope.

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