Larry Brantley – the heart (and voice) behind Wishbone!


Larry Brantley is our featured artist this week! He’s a man you know well. Unless you are a recluse and don’t own a TV.

Cutie Larry Brantley

Cutie Larry Brantley

Otherwise, you’ve seen him literally hundreds of times as the world’s busiest (and funniest) on-camera commercial actor! Money Man. Brookshire’s. Texas Tourism. JCPenney. Cici’s. AT&T. yada yada yada. I could go on and on and on! But that’s not all he does! He’s also quite a big deal on the voiceover scene! From household name commercial brands to videogames to promos to voicing your favorite childhood star, WISHBONE, he’s literally done it all! The little dog with a big imagination!Oh yeah, and he was everyone’s favorite Lord Chancellor at Medieval Times!

I had the absolute delight of first meeting Larry when we recorded the BOZ the Bear series (He’s BOZ) with Alison Viktorin and Tim Cissell at Reel FX in Dallas. Y’all, this guy is a comedic genius. Yeah yeah yeah, he’s definitely funny on camera or behind the mic on a cartoon. But it’s the in-between takes stream-of-consciousness-type-funny that will make you die laughing. Sometimes I’d be driving down the road 3 days after a session and be like OOOHHHHHHHH! Bahahahahaaaaaahhhhhhaaaaa! Not only is he hysterical, he is the biggest pro in the booth I have ever worked with! Do it 77 ways. Got it. Improv. Done. Sing it this time like a cowboy wearing nothing but a tutu while hulahooping and drinking scorching hot coffee in Tibet. Check! But what I love most about Larry is the way he loves his daughter.

fatherdaughterThe apple of his eye. Not an hour goes by where he doesn’t mention her in his gentle, fatherly doting way. Trust me, he’s not obnoxious like OMGosh would you please STOP talking about your kid? It’s more like holy crap this girl is so blessed to have a daddy who adores her more than life itself. She is growing up ahead in the world because of her father’s one-of-a-kind love for her.

Enough sappiness. Let’s hear straight from the old fart now!

larry headshotShort Bio: I’ve been performing in one way or another for the last 24 years. I’ve acted in over 100 commercials, scores of industrials, a couple of television series, countless stages and a couple of very forgettable low-budget films. I’ve written a memoir, which I’m publishing by chapters on my blog. And I once lost out on a Daytime Emmy to LeVar Burton, whom I very much wanted to dislike. But he was cool.


What types of media do you specialize in? Television, Film, Radio, Live Events, YouTube


Fave project ever and why: “Wishbone” (PBS). I provided the voice of The Little Dog With A Big Imagination.


Larry as Lord Chancellor!

Dream job or project: I think I was supposed to be a cowboy. Or a knight. Pretty much any job that would require me to be on horseback would be a dream job. Which has nothing whatsoever to do with voiceover. But there you go.

Describe a typical day in your work life: There is no such thing as a typical day when I work, because I’ve never worked a typical job. Every gig is unique; they can take as little as an hour of my time, or three months of my life. That’s part of the appeal for me with this career; it’s always different. I’m constantly being challenged creatively, intellectually and, sometimes, even physically. (Like the time I had to jump out of a moving car. Wait. Is my mom going to read this?)

Lar's Top Secret Project!

Lar’s Top Secret Project!

Where can we see or hear your next project? I’m currently at work on a new project for YouTube Red. And that’s literally all I can say about it, without risking an army of YouTube lawyers descending upon my home with writs and non-disclosure agreements. And probably pitchforks.

What led you to being an actor/voice talent? Initially, I think it was a desperate need for validation. Once I became more comfortable in my own skin, I discovered I enjoyed performance for its own sake, and the challenges that come from creating characters and making them believable. Or at least memorable.


Sorry ladies. He’s taken.

Tip for a wannabee actor? LISTEN. To everything. Understand that you are a wannabe (everybody is/was, at some point), swallow a big dose of humility, and learn from the folks that are already doing what you want to do. Pay attention. Learn.

Tips for a VO talent: Play to your strengths. If you’re not the “warm & fuzzy” voice, don’t waste time trying to be that. Work at what you’re naturally good at, then make it better. Challenge people to challenge you. And know when to stop talking.

Biggest pet peeve: Poor communication. Uninformed opinions. Clowns. (But probably not rodeo clowns; they’re kinda cool.)

Larry and his baby.

What keeps you busy outside of work? My teenage daughter (she’s a rising musical-theater star); my girlfriend and her two very active boys; my band; books; cooking; golf (swear I never thought I’d ever say that); travel (already been to Switzerland and Italy this year).

Interesting fact no one knows about you? I got nothing. I’m an open book. Read the blog; you’ll understand.

I stole this collage from Larry's Blog

Larry’s blog collage!

Pets? A dog (Sparky).

Favorite treats? Single-malt Scotch; chocolate-covered almonds; Queso from Fuzzy’s Taco Shop.

Anything else you want to tell us? Did I mention single-malt Scotch?

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Final Notes from Hollypop: Larry Brantley. Comedic Genius. Devoted Daddy. Accomplished Actor. My Friend.



p.s. Here is a video I stole from facebook. It’s one of my fave Larry spots. It was hard to choose just one!

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  1. Tim Keenan
    Tim Keenan says:

    Great read Holly. Funny story – we did the audio sweetening for this and many other Suddenlink Business TV spots. The VO talent for this spot is Kirk Lapple (Attorney & VO guy) and is local to our O.C., CA production studio. I always wondered who did this great on-camera work!! Now I know all about him! Thanks.


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