How to Be a Big Fat Whiny Fit-Throwing #VO Baby!

TIP TUESDAY! In animation VO, physically acting out the script is not optional (unless u wanna suck). Try this right now. Sit perfectly motionless while running around the house acting like a wild wolverine. Now try doing this yoga pose in total silence while yelling at your 7 kids for waking up the baby.

How "relaxing".

How “relaxing”.

NOT POSSIBLE. Personally I also like to use props and/or costuming when I do animated characters!

So comeon PEOPLE. You can do better. Let’s physically become the character together today. Last week we looked at How to be a VO Princess! THIS week, we get to learn How to Be a Big Fat Whiny Fit Throwing Baby while recording VO!


Ck out this week’s installment of …Physicality & Props in VO – Part 2 – BABIES!

Watch the video, but if you’re too lazy, read this:

BABY EXAMPLE! If you are voicing a baby, hunch over to make yourself smaller, scrunch up your face, pout out your lip, throw a fit with your hands, or have your thumb ready to suck at a moment’s notice. You’ll have to watch the video to hear my prop/costuming tips.



Sneaky peekie at the whole Physicality & Props in VO Series!

  • Princesses
  • Babies
  • Cowboys/Texans
  • Squirrel!
  • Little Boys
  • Brooding Teens
  • Moms
  • Teachers

Holler if you loved/were enlightened by/despised the BABY video!

Coming next week…Squirrels!


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  1. Tim Cissell
    Tim Cissell says:

    I’m not sure I totally agree with everything you say… Wearing a diaper really helps me get into that BABY space in my head. 😉 Cool video!


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