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cristinagoofToday’s Featured Artist is veteran voice over talent AND Global Voice Acting Academy founder, Cristina Milizia! If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Cristina, you are really missing out! She is embodiment of joyful voice over!

I’m about to shock you with a number. She’s been a working VO talent for 24 years. Yes. TWENTY FOUR years. And yes, that’s a current pic of her cute little winky self! Let’s just say she got an early start!

I was blessed to meet Cristina at the Voxy Lady’s Summit. Not only was I shocked by her wealth of knowledge, but I was enamored instantly with her contagious, genuine, light up the room personality!

lalathekoalaThis young sprite has already overcome greater adversity than most of us will in a lifetime. Yet she hasn’t let it stop her from rocking the VO world and creating the Global Voice Acting Academy! The GVAA is graced with some of the top, most experienced coaches in the business. Everett Oliver, Anne Ganguzza, Katie Leigh, Brad Venable, MJ Lallo, Joyce Castellanos, and Elaine Clark to name a few! WOW! Obviously, the GVAA is home to many amazing coaches, but it has also has become a go-to resource for many with it’s ah-maz-ing GVAA rate guide!

Cristina has voiced hundreds of toys, commercials, and games in her already long career! Some of her most notable roles are Monster High’s Moanika (Mattel), Doc McStuffins’ Lala the Koala (Disney Junior) and several voices on League of Legends! At this rate, there’s no stopping Cristina, and I must say, it couldn’t happen to a nicer girl! 🙂 Let’s hear more from Cristina now!

pepsiBio: Cristina Milizia is a bilingual voice over artist living in Los Angeles, California. She has recorded for hundreds of toys, mobile game apps, commercials, video games & cartoons over her 24 years of professional experience.  Her voice is youthful, sweet & upbeat! Credits include: Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffins, Mattel’s Monster High, The Laughing Cow, Hooters, Pepsi, Nintendo Wii, Electronic Arts, Leapfrog, League of Legends, American Girl, Hallmark & Discovery. She works full time as a voice over talent & coach for the Global Voice Acting Academy, which she founded in 2014.

Voiceover Specialties: Realistic kids voices, bilingual (Spanish/English) voice over, singing, & baby SFX.


Cristina at the mic!

Fave Gig Ever and Why: Impossible to choose! I love them all! 

Dream Job: Disney and Nickelodeon. I was fortunate enough to be cast as reoccurring characters for both of those networks this past year, so I feel very blessed.

What does your typical VO day look like?

  • Work in my pajamas on my personal VO work in the morning
  • Shower, dress and warm up
  • Do my own auditions, jobs, editing and delivery
  • Work on the Global Voice Acting Academy curriculums, projects, demo production & directing

Living the Dream!

Where can we hear next? I was chosen to be the new national voice of “Hooters” (so fun! Ha ha!) so I’ve been recording TV and radio campaigns for them quite a bit over the past couple of months. I also have a Nickelodeon project coming out in 2017 ( I believe, although you never know).

How did you get started in VO? I was eight years old and it was a complete accident. My mother (a singer) was trying to get into voice over. She got an agent and started auditioning. I was waiting for her in the waiting room of one particular audition, when the directors came out and asked her if her daughter wanted to try out for a part. I booked the job, and that was the beginning. After that, various production houses and companies would just call me in to work. I never auditioned.  Back then, there weren’t very many kids in voice over – especially bilingual children who could sing. I was a bit of a unicorn, so I was able to book a lot of toy work. I did toys and educational programs for the first 15 years of my VO career.

Cristina is the Laughing Cow!

Cristina is the Laughing Cow!

Newbie tip: Study, study, study. Take classes. It makes all the difference.

Home studio set up? Senneiser 416 microphone, Avalon M2 preamp, Twisted Wave.

One useful marketing tip? Video reels if you have enough material to create them. I think they are one of the strongest marketing tools out there for voice talent (along with a fantastic website & strong demos).

Top social media tip? Don’t use social media to vent. You may regret it later.

Most useful software for your VO biz? Twisted Wave!! I used to use protools, and Twisted Wave is so much faster! Love it!


Your one-stop shop for all your VO educational needs!

What keeps you busy outside of VO? The Global Voice Acting Academy, which is my baby. 🙂 When I’m not doing my own voice over work, I like to help others. It makes my soul feel happy and fulfilled

Interesting fact no one knows about you? I was one of the moodiest teenagers. I was unhappy, and I acted out a lot. I was also all “goth”. I died my hair black, wore tons of dark make up, & I had 16 piercings at one point!

Kiev, Ukraine - August 26, 2013 - A collection of well-known social media brands printed on paper and placed on plastic signs. Include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and Tumblr logos.Contact info: Website!

Global Voice Acting Academy!





Final note from Hollypop! I looked up the definition of JOY: a source of cause of delight. Listen for yourself! Cristina Milizia IS joyful voice over!


Hollypop! 🍭

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    Oh my goodness Holly! What a fun and sweet article! You are a wonderful writer and thank you for putting this together so beautifully. It was incredibly kind of you to want to feature me, and I am honored to be on your list of featured artists. Thank you for these fun little peeks into the lives of current, working voice actors. I will definitely be enjoying reading about some of your other talented listed! And about you!!!! 🙂 xoxo – Cristina 🙂


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