WHO is BOB BERGEN? Porky Pig, plus that’s not all, folks!


Cutie Bob Bergen

What can I possibly say about BOB BERGEN that you don’t already know? You already know he’s the longtime iconic voice of Porky Pig and Luke Skywalker (Robot Chicken). Oh yeah, don’t forget the Annie Award nominee for Cadet of Duck Dodgers, the TWO time Emmy-nonimated series! And of course pretty much every animated feature you love features B-O-B…Minions, Tinker Bell, Wreck it Ralph to name of few. OH yeah! Don’t forget the recent smash hit The Secret Life of Pets!

Yep, he's in this one too!

Yep, he’s in this one too!

Here’s how I know Bob! So I mentioned the Voiceover Cruise to you back in this Spotlight Post about Doug de Nance. Well, of course, the reason I signed up to go to the cruise was because of BOB BERGEN. I mean, really?! If you want be the best in your industry, you gotta train with the best, right?! I also took 2 animation workshop intensives from Bob when he visited Dallas at the state of the art, spacious Cake Mix Studios. It was early-ish on in my career, and I remember feeling intimidated BEFORE I stepped foot into the classes. After like 5 minutes though, you feel like Bob is not only your BFF, but also your biggest cheerleader. Pretty soon, you’re shoving paper towels in your mouth and making babies (baby noises that is). You soon move on to pterodactyls – baby pterodactyls, mama pterodactyls, scary pterodactyls, pterodactyls who eat rainbow sprinkles for breakfast. Of all the classes, coaching and training I have received for animation voiceover, his class has been the.most.practical and impactful coaching EVER. I find myself on a daily basis going back to his useful, practical advice. He taught me the proper way to bark for crying out loud! I owe this man my career!

Bob and Hollypop!

Enough from me, let’s hear more about BOB BERGEN! Read more


TIP TUESDAY (except it’s Thursday)! Been pretty excited about the SQUIRREL since day uno! And it’s finally here!! Backtrack…we’ve been talking about how to use your body when recording character voices! So today’s post is about SQUIRRELS!


Smite’s Ratatoskr!


Speaking of squirrels, I’ve put a few pics in this post of some squirrels I’ve gotten to play!

Autumn Red Squirrel!

Schoolzone’s Autumn Red Squirrel!







In case you missed the other characters, so far we’ve covered:

How to be a VO Princess

How to Be a Big Fat Whiny Fit Throwing Baby!

How to Talk Texan/Cowboy/Hick/Hillbilly/Yeehaw!

Ck out this week’s installment of … Physicality in VO – Part 4 – SQUIRRELS!

Watch the video, but if you’re too lazy, read this:

SQUIRRELS! Get your big buck teeth showing, beady eyes – quick glances around the mic, and talk faster than those medical ad disclaimers. Every once in a while shake out your bushy tail just because it’s fun. Often times I hold my hands together like T-rex arms when I’m doing a squirrel. And nibble your gathered nuts!




Here’s what’s coming in the Physicality & Props in VO Series!

What do you think about the SQUIRREL video? Too much? Talk faster?

Squirrel Squad

Tell me.


real. different. voice. – allan peck. (and all around great guy)

This week’s Feature Artist holds a special place in my heart. He’s the nicest guy you’ll ever meet, and one of my first VO buddies!

MEET allan peck. real. different. voice.

He’s the signature voice of the ELLEN Show! Can you even believe that? I feel famous because I know Allan, and Allan works with Ellen. They’re colleagues. OHMYGOSH. He’s the voice of CNBC Prime, Fox, CBS, The CW, and ABC! Oh and he did the Muppets Movie campaign and Justin Bieber’s movie campaign (though I think he’s still apologizing for that one).ellenshow

But I know him as the nice guy from my home agency, Kim Dawson Talent, in Dallas. We got to play pretend and voice obnoxious cheerleaders together for a couple of radio spots (oh the glory days)! And he’s also the real.different.voice guy who drove across the metroplex to help me figure out my first recording set-up! I still have that knock-off mic and old white Apple he recommended! I knew him before he became a dad of FIVE. yes. FIVE.

But guess what? Even though he’s all superstar ELLEN now, he’s just the same sweet Allan. Let’s hear from him now!

Bio:  I started doing this as soon as I learned how to talk, but didn’t know it paid anything until later in life.  I had two dreams – one was to be on the radio, and the other to be a voice actor.  I started both at the same time at age 19, and eventually left radio to focus on VO full time.  That only took 15 years.

Visit Allan’s Super Cool Website

Allan Peck and all his bff's at the Oscars.

Allan Peck and all his bff’s at the Oscars.

Listen to Allan’s Demos

Voiceover Specialties:  Promo/Trailer/Commercial/TV Affiliate/Radio Imaging/Corporate Narration/

Fave Gig Ever and Why:  When they just use my audition for the final cut 😉

Dream Client:  The best clients are ones that are truly make you feel a part of the “team”.  VO can be a very isolating sect of the business, and it’s so refreshing to be actively involved in the creative process.  Being in the creative field is supposed to be fun, and nothing is more rewarding than those sessions where you felt like a kid again and just “played” for a while until you’ve solved that creative problem!

What does your typical VO day look like?  Nothing like I ever imagined, I’ll tell you that.  My first session is usually around 8:30 am central time, and my last is around 2-3 am.  I’m so fortunate to have such a diverse group of clients and be able to work in so many arenas of VO, I never get bored, tired, or burned out.  I have an amazing team that supports me all the way from my wife (she’s the real star), to manager (Cope Management), to the best agents in the world, that all allow me and give me the tools to focus solely on voice acting…not voice invoicing/collecting/marketing/etc.  I’m changing diapers, picking up kids from school, and my wife’s right hand man in between.  It’s just a go, go, go kinda day, and if you’ve ever met me, you know that fits my personality perfect!

Where can we hear you next?  You can hear me every day as the in-show and promo announcer for “Ellen” and signature promo voice every night on CNBC as well as local tv and radio stations across the country.

Allan's early studio setup.

Allan’s early studio setup.

How did you get started in VO?  This is literally all I’ve ever wanted to do.  I was the weird kid that turned the sound of tv shows and music on radio stations down, and the commercials and DJ’s up.  My parents have mounds of cassettes of me in my room just talking to myself or doing my own play by play with Rangers games and VHS tapes of fake movie trailers, promos, and commercials.  Fast forward to legal working age, I figured out that those things actually paid money.  I had been making “demos” in my bedroom since I was a kid, and I shopped one around to local talent agencies in Dallas, TX with zero response…except for one agent, who I never thought in a million years would ever call me back. Kim Dawson Talent, and I’ve been with them ever since.  That was 20 years ago.  That set in motion the rest of my career and professional life.

Newbie tip:  Ignorance truly is bliss.  There is a sense of fearlessness you have as a newbie, that you’ll only have as a newbie because you have nothing to lose.  Use that to your benefit, don’t run from it, and always try to keep a little bit of that with you in your entire journey.

Be fearless.

Be fearless.

Home studio set up?  I like to keep things super simple and basic.  I use a Sennheiser 416 that goes into a John Hardy M-1 preamp, which feeds into an Apollo 8 Duo into a Mac Mini. 

Worst thing you’ve ever seen a talent do at a session? Honestly, the most common mistake thing I notice is just talking.  too.  much.  You have to understand that while this isn’t a typical business environment, there is real money at stake, and time is the most expensive thing in the world.  The client is usually paying big $$ to use that studio with the amazing snacks in the break room.  Don’t add to that cost by wasting time by talking to much, constantly making excuses for mistakes, or bringing your personal issues into that booth.  Do your job, be cordial, and snag some of those snacks on your way out.  Done.

One useful marketing tip?  Again, I don’t really handle that part, but just do your research with who you’re reaching out to.  One on one marketing is always going to be more successful than mass. 

Top social media tip?  Ha.  Don’t.  Seriously.  Actors are notorious for not having the self control to edit their social media thoughts.

Allan steers clear.

Allan steers clear.

Most useful software for your VO biz?  Dropbox, by far.  It makes my workflow so super fast.  Love.  Love.  Love.

What keeps you busy outside of VO?  Well, my wife and I have four kids under the age of 7 and another on the way that will probably be here by the time you read this, so, um, yeah.  That’s my fuel and the thing I’m most proud of.  They remind me every day that I have to back up what I teach them – chase your dreams no matter how ridiculous they seem, persevere no matter what, work 100 times harder than those that doubt you, and never stop believing.

Interesting fact no one knows about you?  Not one single person has ever told me I have a good voice for VO, lol      

Contact info: allan@allanpeck.com

Social Media: Nope.

How to Talk Texan. Or Cowboy. YEEHAW!

TIP TUESDAY! At this point, I sound like a broken record. You have to physically act out the character in VO. I should probably mention this though…don’t make extraneous sounds while you are acting a fool!

Keep your flipflops firmly planted!

Keep your flipflops firmly planted!

EX: I once was in a session where a little girl literally kept stomping her flipflopped foot repeatedly to make a point. Super annoying (and expensive for the wonderful folks who hired her). This is one reason why you should hire me – because I’m a big girl and can keep my feet still.

Adding in some fun costume accessories helps me feel more like playing! Tiaras, Wands, Knives (though I only recommend this in your HOME studio). Duh.

So far, we’ve looked at How to be a VO Princess! Last week, we chatted about How to Be a Big Fat Whiny Fit Throwing Baby! AND TODAY we discuss How to Talk Texan/Cowboy/Hick/Hillbilly/Yeehaw!

Ck out this week’s installment of …Physicality & Props in VO – Part 3 – Cowboys!

My personal favorite cowgirl!

Watch the video, but if you’re too lazy, read this:

COWBOY/TEXAN: (A real stretch for me) Cowgirl (in my case) stance, bow legs, tuck in your butt, mouth outstretched on one side like you talk out the side of your mouth. Heck wear a cowboy hat and keep a piece of straw tucked behind your ear in case you need something to chaw.

Here’s what’s next in the Physicality & Props in VO Series!


Give me a shout if you watched the video and let me know your thoughts!

Next week…Squirrels! YEEEEHAW!


Meet the Voice of Your Childhood – Katie Leigh!

It’s today! It’s today! It’s today!!! I’ve been peeing my pants for weeks now knowing I get to share this week’s Feature Artist with you. It’s none other than…wait for it…wait for it…wait…still waiting…still waiting…


Katie's Adventures In Odyssey character, Connie Kendall!

Katie’s Adventures In Odyssey character, Connie Kendall!

Oh, you know that girl who does EVERY SINGLE CARTOON VOICE OF YOUR CHILDHOOD that you lived for on Saturday Mornings. Richie Rich, Connie Kendall, Baby Rowlf, SUNNI GUMMI to name a few. She was on freaking POUND PUPPIES and DUMBO’S CIRCUS. In fact, I basically get lost in her imdb page that is a 17 miles long. This lovely woman INSPIRED my love of animation then, and now, inspires me to embrace my spunki-licious voice!

Imagine how excited I was to meet her this past Spring at the Voxy Ladies Summit?! She was on a panel, and my jaw about dropped when I heard her talking. So positive, so much insight into the business….Just WOW! Since I’ve gotten to know her a bit better and I’m over my celebrity crush, I’ve been astounded by her generous giving spirit and the way she lives out her “be nice to everyone” (no matter how big you make it) advice.

But wait, it gets better (for me). She and I recently booked the same gig through Voxy Ladies! We both voiced ponies for the My Little Pony Live Show in Dubai! She was Pinkie Pie, and I was Apple Jack. Katie was recently inducted into the MLP Hall of Fame for her work in the 80’s on the original MLP show. She voiced so many of those ponies she doesn’t even know which ones. WOW. So for me, ONE live show, for her…HALL.OF.FAME. #careergoals

Pinkie Pie (Katie) and Applejack (Holly)

Pinkie Pie (Katie) and Applejack (Holly)

Read more

How to Be a Big Fat Whiny Fit-Throwing #VO Baby!

TIP TUESDAY! In animation VO, physically acting out the script is not optional (unless u wanna suck). Try this right now. Sit perfectly motionless while running around the house acting like a wild wolverine. Now try doing this yoga pose in total silence while yelling at your 7 kids for waking up the baby.

How "relaxing".

How “relaxing”.

NOT POSSIBLE. Personally I also like to use props and/or costuming when I do animated characters!

So comeon PEOPLE. You can do better. Let’s physically become the character together today. Last week we looked at How to be a VO Princess! THIS week, we get to learn How to Be a Big Fat Whiny Fit Throwing Baby while recording VO!


Ck out this week’s installment of …Physicality & Props in VO – Part 2 – BABIES!

Watch the video, but if you’re too lazy, read this:

BABY EXAMPLE! If you are voicing a baby, hunch over to make yourself smaller, scrunch up your face, pout out your lip, throw a fit with your hands, or have your thumb ready to suck at a moment’s notice. You’ll have to watch the video to hear my prop/costuming tips.



Sneaky peekie at the whole Physicality & Props in VO Series!

  • Princesses
  • Babies
  • Cowboys/Texans
  • Squirrel!
  • Little Boys
  • Brooding Teens
  • Moms
  • Teachers

Holler if you loved/were enlightened by/despised the BABY video!

Coming next week…Squirrels!


When He Speaks, It’s An EVENT. Spotlight on Doug de Nance!

HOLLYPOP’S NOTE ABOUT DOUG: Today I’m super excited to introduce DOUG de NANCE to you (as IF you don’t already KNOW HIM)! Doug is my voice polar opposite. Like seriously other end of the voice universe and you get DOUG! I can’t explain it in words. Okay, I’ll try. Like how old people can’t hear me speak bc I’m squeaki-licious, his voice is so deep and BIG and soothing and manly and wow! – he can probably make dogs howl when he wants. I haven’t tested out the dog theory, but I’m pretty sure it’s true. Or like how if you speed up a squirrel voice track, you get me…He’s a T-Rex voice lowered by 17 bazillionty octaves. His voice is so freaking adaptable! Cuh-razy Monster Truck Announcer one night, super-Dad for a national commercial the next, and in between a smooth (and funny) imaging voice for your early morning commute. Geez, is there anything this guy CAN’T do?doug extra pic

I met Doug on a VOICEOVER cruise (I know, tough life, eh?) hosted by none other than Julie Williams, with special guests Deb Munro, Joyce Castellanos, Gene Cordes and Bob Bergen (PORKY PIG)! They were in fantastic company with the voice of Monster Truck Shows (and tons of other clients, I’m just fixated on that bc it’s cool), DOUG de NANCE! It’s a comedic dream of mine to voice something with Doug! Mutt and Jeff. Peanut butter and Jelly. Siskel and Ebert. But enough about my VO fantasies, let’s hear more about DOUG! Read more

Hollypop VO’s! Spotlight Feature Artist – NEW Series!

TOMORROW (Saturday, July 30, 2016) we begin a new series that I could not be more excited about!!!

Right now I’m calling it: Hollypop VO! #SaturdaySpotlight Feature Artist! though I reserve the right to change that if I think of a spunkier name!

Each Saturday, you’ll get to meet someone super special in the industry! LightPerhaps a producer, creative director, audio engineer, voice talent, musician, manager, talent agent, writer, animator, etc! It is my hope that this will enable us to build new relationships in the business with people we may not normally run into! And get to know our current colleagues in a whole new, fun-tastic way!

I’ll be tooting each Featured Artist’s horn on social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. And maybe even Insta too, though I’ll admit, that’s like my forgotten stepchild of social media.

Feel free to repost these #SaturdaySpotlights to your colleagues so they can enjoy getting to know SUPERSTARS in the business! Or you can just be an anonymous stalker and no one has to know.

Each artist is encouraged not to take 37 years thinking over each answer. IMO, the most SPECTACULAR spotlights will be short, informational, fun and scream Y-O-U! So far, the spotlights we have in the works promise to be ah-maze-balls! Just like these Cake POPS!

Ah-MAZE-ball Cake Hollypops!

Ah-MAZE-ball Cake Hollypops!


Don’t be a Stiff – Physically BE the Character!

If you’re gonna be an animation VO talent, then physically acting out the script is a no-brainer. It’s impossible to be energetic and still at the same time. (Unless your doing CGI, then be.freaking.still.) Make sense? I’m also a big advocate of throwing in props if it helps you get in character.

So comeon PEOPLE. Physically become the character.

Become the character.

Become the character.

Look forward to some fun tips for these characters in the Physicality & Props in VO Series!

  • Princesses
  • Babies
  • Cowboys/Texans
  • Squirrel!
  • Little Boys
  • Brooding Teens
  • Moms
  • Teachers


So, without further ado, I give you Week 1, The Princess.

Watch the video, but if you’re too lazy, read this.

PRINCESS EXAMPLE: If you are a princess, hold your pretend wand and sprinkle fairy dust as you talk with your ballerina fingers. Stand on your tiptoes. Be prim and proper. If you can’t physically wear a tiara and boa because the client would think you’re weird…wear a Cinderella tshirt, some fancy lip gloss and lacey underoos because dad gum it…you’re fancy!

Give me a shout if you enjoyed/learned something from/hated the PRINCESS video!

Coming next week…BABIES!


Brand Spankin’ New Hollypop! VO Blog!

A Texas-sized howdy to ya!

Super excited to be re-launching my blog, along with my Brand Spankin’ New Website! I have some really big plans for this puppy! Wanna sneak peek?

#TipTuesdays! – Not so hum-drum tips for new (and not-so-new) voice over talent!


#SaturdaySpotlight! – Spectacular spotlights on bigshots and littleshots in the biz: producers, advertising agencies, recording studios, animation studios, animators, voice talent, musicians, managers, agents and writers! This is probably the topic I’m most giddy about! I love tootin’ other people’s horns! TOOT TOOT!








#WillyNillyWednesdays! – I reserve the right to be a total dork and post about my freaking awesome kids, my adventures in mom-ing, my dog’s green teeth, or even the best poo-poo spray.


Would love to hear your suggestions! And thanks oodles for checking out my blog!