Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!!!

Not that you noticed…but it’s Squirrel Appreciation Day.

As a squirrel, I find no one appreciates me like they should….sigh. So I decided to just appreciate myself today. To celebrate, I’m binging on nuts (and lollipops) and playing some risky chicken with the neighborhood drivers. Speaking of chickens, I can voice those too. Bok Bok.squirrel-collage

Remember if you’re ever in the market for a pet squirrel, or any rodent for that matter, give me a holler (or a squeak), and I’ll come scurrying right over.


And here’s some squirrel fun if you find it in your heart to celebrate this awesome day that should totally be declared a Federal Holiday!!! Duh.


Thanks a gazillion to Hi-Rez and School Zone for allowing me to part of the above projects!

Recipe for life



Remember that gig you REALLY wanted? The one you were PERFECT for. The one you were CREATED for? The one that had YOUR NAME written all over it? …The one you DIDN’T BOOK? 😭


Focus forward. “Forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 3: 13-14)

I think that sums it up nicely!


Hollypop 🍭

Pointers from a straight shooter


See what I did there? POINTERS???…from a STRAIGHT SHOOTER??? Omgosh I’m hilar. But how true are these words?! There are no magical shortcuts to solving your problems.

In voiceover, that means do your due diligence. Market yourself. Make connections. Study with the best. Get awesome demos. Research. Create. Work your booty off.

These same principles can be applied to how you live your life. Study. Make friends. Be a friend. Represent. Imagine. Work your little tail off. And be on time.


Hollypop 🍭

Happy thoughts from a guy wearing tights!


Sometimes, it’s all about a change in our mindset. I’m def not saying let’s be happy and fake! That’s not authentic. But we can choose how we think about things. We can choose joy.

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.” (Philippians 4:8)

I think I’ll go put on my wings now.


Hollypop! 🍭

Wisdom from Gus Gus’ BFF!


I mean, really. Just because “everybody else is doing it,” or “it’s always been done that way” doesn’t mean you must follow suit! Be an individual. Think outside the box. Take a stand! Be different. Be YOU.

I’d like to think this applies to our jobs, our relationships, and the way we live our lives. So I’m asking myself, how have I acted differently from all the others lately? What about you?


Hollypop! 🍭

Wise words from a tubby shirtless goat-man!


Listen to Philoctetes from Hercules! I’ve been working this business since 1999. Of course I didn’t start out full time. And of course, I didn’t book much at first. BUT. Don’t give up! Because we all know that giving up is for rookies.

In the wise words of Paul the apostle, “Let us not grow weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” (Galatians 6:9) Sow good seeds now. In your business. And more importantly, in your life.


Hollypop 🍭

Elastigirl’s Tip o’ the Day!


Be true to yourself.

Don’t compromise on a gig with which you don’t feel comfortable.

It’s never right to do the wrong thing.

And it’s never wrong to do the right thing.

Character counts.


Hollypop 🍭

Submitting Voiceover Auditions

Howdy Guys and Gals! Here are a few tips on submitting professional voiceover auditions!dummies


  • Always follow file name submission guidelines! For example “FirstLast_Role.mp3” would be “HollyFranklin_ADHDSquirrel.mp3”.
  • If no submission guidelines are included, be smart! Don’t label your file “Suckytake7AGAIN.mp3”. Consider keeping it simple with your name, a dash or underscore, and the role or company for which you are auditioning.


  • Speaking of submission guidelines, do they want each role in a separate file? Do it. Do they want mp3 (most likely)? Do it.


  • To slate, or not to slate, that is the question. I’m not touching that debate!
  • BUT if you do slate…say through an agent, find out how’d they’d like you to do it. Probably something overthetop like “Holly Franklin”.

    Standing out = GOOD. Not following directions = BAD.

    Standing out = GOOD. Being a moron = BAD.

  • Avoid this…”Hi there! My name is Holly Franklin, and yes this is my real voice. Actually I’m in my 40s even though I sound like a toddler. I was born the day after Christmas in Fort Worth, Texas in room 367 at XYZ Hospital. My mama stayed in the hospital for 3 days on account of my head being so freakishly large….Later that afternoon while I was nursing, Mama said I bit her!…Fast forward to 6 months old, when I was in my crib, I remember jamming out to Delta Dawn on the family radio…One day at preschool…Jr High…College…Extensive VO training…But anyhoo, 13 takes…yall have a great day now. Oh and be sure to check out my website at holly franklin dot com. OH and if you need me i can be reached at xxx-xxx-xxxx. That’s xxx-xxx-xxxx. Or if you want I can give you my personal cellular number…Whew. Ok, now I’m starting. Ready? Seeeeeeeeetttt. GO!!!!!”


  • Be prompt. Duh. Pay attention to time zone deadlines! (I’m guilty of missing time zones.)duh


  • Think like an agent or a casting director! If I received something from iluvmillivanilli@aol.com or letsseeifthisusernameworks@flunkytownusa.com, I’m gonna take a shot in the dark and guess you may not be professional (or current) in the industry.
  • It’s so easy to get your own domain these days, with an accompanying email address. If you are a “professional” voice actor, get a “professional” email address. Like holly@hollyfranklin.com. Not the same one you use for PTA at the kid’s school: crazymomof16boys@aol.com


  • Include your contact information in an easy to read, legible fashion. Like so.

Holly Franklin

Hollypop VO!





What else guys?

Talk soon!

Hollypop! 🍭

VOICEOVER equipment you never knew you always wanted.

Today’s tip is a bit weird.

When we think about equipment recommendations for VOICEOVER, the usual elements come to mind:



  • Mac vs PC (is that EVEN an option?!)
  • Which Mic enhances my signature sound so I can be the clear winner of xyz audition?
  • Monitors (they basically bore me to death)
  • Pop Filters (or spit catchers as I like to call them)
  • Protools vs Twisted Wave vs Adobe vs idk how many others there are!
  • Audio Interfaces out the wazoo
  • Source Connect vs. ISDN vs ipDtl vs Skype vs Phone Patch
  • Acoustical Treatments

blah blah blah.

But I’d like to recommend a little something you may not know you NEED! If you are a Mac user (and if you’re not, bless your heart), you NEED iMovie!



iMovie? What?! Why?! I’m a VOICE ACTOR. Hate to tell you but the world is not abandoning social media anytime soon, and on social media, video a major trend! Plus all those kids who receive the IV fluid of life from their ipads and video games are going to one day grow and hire you (or not). They expect to be entertained.

I don’t profess to be an expert at making videos. There are a lot of people WAY better than me making professional movies. But sometimes, we all need a redneck video until it’s time to take it up a notch and hire a pro. Here are some ways I’ve used iMovie:

Hollypop VO! Video Section

It’s super easy to use. Even a dummy technology novice can do it! Basically, for me it involves importing existing photos, videos, and sound clips; adding premade transitions and titles; and voila! The more you play on it, the better you get!

What video opportunities have you utilized that I’m missing out on? Do share!

Later tomaters!


Hollypop 🍭

p.s. Here’s a playlist of some reeeeallllllyyyy STOOPID videos I made using iMovie.




Video Voiceover Commercial Demo – Holly Franklin

Tip Tuesday!

Hi Friends! Just recently updated my video voiceover commercial demo. I’ve had one for years, but I felt it needed a bit of attention! Anyhoo, super fun, and I hope you enjoy it! BTW, my audio was produced by the FANTASTICAL Mark McIntyre in Los Angeles.

Do you have a video voiceover demo? Did you DIY or have it professionally done? I recently noticed that Gabby Nistico is now doing them professionally for others. Check out this link if you are interested, which you totally should be! I checked out hers and it’s AH-MAZE-BALLS.

Or choose to go the cheap-o route like I did. I used iMovie and just messed with it until I liked it!


Hollypop 🍭

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