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Don’t be a Stiff – Physically BE the Character!

If you’re gonna be an animation VO talent, then physically acting out the script is a no-brainer. It’s impossible to be energetic and still at the same time. (Unless your doing CGI, then be.freaking.still.) Make sense? I’m also a big advocate of throwing in props if it helps you get in character. So comeon PEOPLE. Physically […]

Brand Spankin’ New Hollypop! VO Blog!

A Texas-sized howdy to ya! Super excited to be re-launching my blog, along with my Brand Spankin’ New Website! I have some really big plans for this puppy! Wanna sneak peek? #TipTuesdays! – Not so hum-drum tips for new (and not-so-new) voice over talent! #SaturdaySpotlight! – Spectacular spotlights on bigshots and littleshots in the biz: producers, advertising agencies, recording studios, […]