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Meet (Dr.) Patrick Sweeney!

Today’s Featured Artist is Patrick Sweeney! Pat is a full time voiceover artist based out of Toronto, Canada. He has 25 years of medical industry experience, and 13 of those years in medical narration! When it comes to pronouncing “busulfan, cyclophosphamide, cyclosporin-A, etoposide, azathioprine, hydroxyurea, vincristine, or interferon alfa,” he’s a total natural! Btw, I have […]

Mary Morgan – Everyone’s FAVORITE owl!

  This week’s Feature Artist is youthfully enchanting, audience romancing, and contrary to the ordinary! Mary Morgan, a Dallas-based voice actor, is here to tell us all about herself! She’s worked for companies like Bowlopolis, Hallmark, Hamsterball Studios, FUNimation, Eipix and SKA Studios, plus many more! She is repped by several premiere talent agencies, including Linda McAllister Talent […]

Cliff Zellman – Emmy Award Winning Audio Engineer!

Today’s feature artist is none other than Emmy Award Winning Audio Extraordinaire, Cliff Zellman! Cliff is a renowned Audio Engineer, Producer, Director, Editor, Coach, and overall VAST resource for ANYONE involved in any aspect of broadcast audio. He is the Chief Audio Engineer and head of audio production for RadioVision. AND he owns Amazing Demos, a company […]

Submitting Voiceover Auditions

Howdy Guys and Gals! Here are a few tips on submitting professional voiceover auditions! FILE NAMES: Always follow file name submission guidelines! For example “FirstLast_Role.mp3” would be “HollyFranklin_ADHDSquirrel.mp3”. If no submission guidelines are included, be smart! Don’t label your file “Suckytake7AGAIN.mp3”. Consider keeping it simple with your name, a dash or underscore, and the role or company for […]

Get to Know Keith Alcorn of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius!

YOU know Keith Alcorn, this week’s Feature Artist, as the producer and co-creator of Oscar nominated feature film, Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius for Paramount and Nickelodeon. And you also know him as executive producer of The Ant Bully for Warner Brothers. I’VE been blessed to know him as the guy whose jokes tickle my funnybone and who makes me giggle […]

My Little Pony Live Show!

Raise this Barn! YEEEHAW! What an absolutely, over the top fun project! I played Applejack. Here’s what Hasbro has to say about sweetiesauce Applejack! “Applejack is honest, friendly and sweet to the core! She is always ready to lend a hoof to help her pony friends. She lives and works at Sweet Apple Acres and […]