Cristina Milizia – Joyful Voice Over!

cristinagoofToday’s Featured Artist is veteran voice over talent AND Global Voice Acting Academy founder, Cristina Milizia! If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Cristina, you are really missing out! She is embodiment of joyful voice over!

I’m about to shock you with a number. She’s been a working VO talent for 24 years. Yes. TWENTY FOUR years. And yes, that’s a current pic of her cute little winky self! Let’s just say she got an early start!

I was blessed to meet Cristina at the Voxy Lady’s Summit. Not only was I shocked by her wealth of knowledge, but I was enamored instantly with her contagious, genuine, light up the room personality!

lalathekoalaThis young sprite has already overcome greater adversity than most of us will in a lifetime. Yet she hasn’t let it stop her from rocking the VO world and creating the Global Voice Acting Academy! The GVAA is graced with some of the top, most experienced coaches in the business. Everett Oliver, Anne Ganguzza, Katie Leigh, Brad Venable, MJ Lallo, Joyce Castellanos, and Elaine Clark to name a few! WOW! Obviously, the GVAA is home to many amazing coaches, but it has also has become a go-to resource for many with it’s ah-maz-ing GVAA rate guide!

Cristina has voiced hundreds of toys, commercials, and games in her already long career! Some of her most notable roles are Monster High’s Moanika (Mattel), Doc McStuffins’ Lala the Koala (Disney Junior) and several voices on League of Legends! At this rate, there’s no stopping Cristina, and I must say, it couldn’t happen to a nicer girl! 🙂 Let’s hear more from Cristina now!
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Elastigirl’s Tip o’ the Day!


Be true to yourself.

Don’t compromise on a gig with which you don’t feel comfortable.

It’s never right to do the wrong thing.

And it’s never wrong to do the right thing.

Character counts.


Hollypop 🍭

Meet (Dr.) Patrick Sweeney!

pat-on-cruiseToday’s Featured Artist is Patrick Sweeney! Pat is a full time voiceover artist based out of Toronto, Canada. He has 25 years of medical industry experience, and 13 of those years in medical narration! When it comes to pronouncing “busulfan, cyclophosphamide, cyclosporin-A, etoposide, azathioprine, hydroxyurea, vincristine, or interferon alfa,” he’s a total natural! Btw, I have NO idea what any of that is. He also has extensive experience in providing professional voiceover services for Scientific Narration, Corporate and Technical Narrations, TV and Radio Commercials, Explainer Videos, Animation, Promos, Documentaries, and even Live Announcing! With clients like International PaperNovartis, Discovery Kids, Bristol Myers SquibbBuffalo Wild WingsPurdue Pharma and Novo Nordisk, he’s a force to be reckoned with in the voiceover community!

Pat and Hollypop!

Pat and Hollypop!

I was blessed to meet Pat at a voiceover conference when he was delving into the voiceover world. Even way back then, he was eager to learn, already super talented, and insanely personable. Fast forward to now. His wild voiceover successes have not changed his charming, kind persona one teeny tiny bit! He’s now a wealth of information, and so very generous to share with those in the business. He even organizes Toronto’s Voiceover Social Networking Group, ‘VO in TO’! His talent is through the roof. He is consistently honing his craft and training with the best in the business. I’m amazed that anyone can speak medical-ese AND be an absolute hoot in animation. But Pat is freaking amazing!

Ok, see what I’m talking about? What a range!! Animation vs. Medical Narration

He adores his precious family to no end, and why the heck not?! They are perfectly Sweeney. It is a joy to know Pat Sweeney, and I look so forward to crossing paths with him again soon! Let’s hear more from Mr. Smarty Pants now. Eh? Read more

Mary Morgan – Everyone’s FAVORITE owl!


mary morgan headshotThis week’s Feature Artist is youthfully enchanting, audience romancing, and contrary to the ordinary! Mary Morgan, a Dallas-based voice actor, is here to tell us all about herself! She’s worked for companies like Bowlopolis, Hallmark, Hamsterball StudiosFUNimation, Eipix and SKA Studios, plus many more! She is repped by several premiere talent agencies, including Linda McAllister Talent and DeSanti Talent Agency!

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mary for quite some time now! We first adventured together in Bob Bergen’s Amazing Animation Workshops! Right off the bat, I was oh-so-impressed (and challenged!) by her talent! She can really work that mic yall! Then we got to know each other better at the Voicelympics Cruise, where we learned even more voiceover techniques from superstars like Deb Munro, Julie Williams, Bob Bergen (again), Joyce Castellanos and Bill Holmes!

Voicelympics Cruise!

Voicelympics Cruise!

And surely you remember that Dallas Producers Association (DPA) meeting that altered my existence? I told you about my sweet friend who introduced me to Keith Alcorn because I was too nervous to go and introduce myself. MARY. Anyhoo, many more workshops, meetups, and thankfully now with social media, we have been able to get to know one another even more! We FINALLY get to work together for REAL as we record Owlegories and are both proud members of the VOXY Ladies!! Speaking of everyone’s favorite cartoon…., she’s Gus, the dopey barn owl who’s ALWAYS hungry, and I’m Violet who gets slightly annoyed and sassy about his crazy obsession with his 3rd lunch. Gus is by far, the coolest owl! If you ask any Owlegories fan, who’s your favorite owl, they will 100% say GUS! He’s my favorite too! 🙂

Mary Morgan graphicMary is a unique, generous soul. Her branding by Celia Siegel fits her to a tee! Youthfully enchanting, audience romancing, and contrary to the ordinary! Let’s learn more about this little boy speaking, krav maga practicing, animal loving, world traveling, angelic singing voice talent now!

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