When He Speaks, It’s An EVENT. Spotlight on Doug de Nance!

HOLLYPOP’S NOTE ABOUT DOUG: Today I’m super excited to introduce DOUG de NANCE to you (as IF you don’t already KNOW HIM)! Doug is my voice polar opposite. Like seriously other end of the voice universe and you get DOUG! I can’t explain it in words. Okay, I’ll try. Like how old people can’t hear me speak bc I’m squeaki-licious, his voice is so deep and BIG and soothing and manly and wow! – he can probably make dogs howl when he wants. I haven’t tested out the dog theory, but I’m pretty sure it’s true. Or like how if you speed up a squirrel voice track, you get me…He’s a T-Rex voice lowered by 17 bazillionty octaves. His voice is so freaking adaptable! Cuh-razy Monster Truck Announcer one night, super-Dad for a national commercial the next, and in between a smooth (and funny) imaging voice for your early morning commute. Geez, is there anything this guy CAN’T do?doug extra pic

I met Doug on a VOICEOVER cruise (I know, tough life, eh?) hosted by none other than Julie Williams, with special guests Deb Munro, Joyce Castellanos, Gene Cordes and Bob Bergen (PORKY PIG)! They were in fantastic company with the voice of Monster Truck Shows (and tons of other clients, I’m just fixated on that bc it’s cool), DOUG de NANCE! It’s a comedic dream of mine to voice something with Doug! Mutt and Jeff. Peanut butter and Jelly. Siskel and Ebert. But enough about my VO fantasies, let’s hear more about DOUG! Read more

Hollypop VO’s! Spotlight Feature Artist – NEW Series!

TOMORROW (Saturday, July 30, 2016) we begin a new series that I could not be more excited about!!!

Right now I’m calling it: Hollypop VO! #SaturdaySpotlight Feature Artist! though I reserve the right to change that if I think of a spunkier name!

Each Saturday, you’ll get to meet someone super special in the industry! LightPerhaps a producer, creative director, audio engineer, voice talent, musician, manager, talent agent, writer, animator, etc! It is my hope that this will enable us to build new relationships in the business with people we may not normally run into! And get to know our current colleagues in a whole new, fun-tastic way!

I’ll be tooting each Featured Artist’s horn on social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. And maybe even Insta too, though I’ll admit, that’s like my forgotten stepchild of social media.

Feel free to repost these #SaturdaySpotlights to your colleagues so they can enjoy getting to know SUPERSTARS in the business! Or you can just be an anonymous stalker and no one has to know.

Each artist is encouraged not to take 37 years thinking over each answer. IMO, the most SPECTACULAR spotlights will be short, informational, fun and scream Y-O-U! So far, the spotlights we have in the works promise to be ah-maze-balls! Just like these Cake POPS!

Ah-MAZE-ball Cake Hollypops!

Ah-MAZE-ball Cake Hollypops!


Don’t be a Stiff – Physically BE the Character!

If you’re gonna be an animation VO talent, then physically acting out the script is a no-brainer. It’s impossible to be energetic and still at the same time. (Unless your doing CGI, then be.freaking.still.) Make sense? I’m also a big advocate of throwing in props if it helps you get in character.

So comeon PEOPLE. Physically become the character.

Become the character.

Become the character.

Look forward to some fun tips for these characters in the Physicality & Props in VO Series!

  • Princesses
  • Babies
  • Cowboys/Texans
  • Squirrel!
  • Little Boys
  • Brooding Teens
  • Moms
  • Teachers


So, without further ado, I give you Week 1, The Princess.

Watch the video, but if you’re too lazy, read this.

PRINCESS EXAMPLE: If you are a princess, hold your pretend wand and sprinkle fairy dust as you talk with your ballerina fingers. Stand on your tiptoes. Be prim and proper. If you can’t physically wear a tiara and boa because the client would think you’re weird…wear a Cinderella tshirt, some fancy lip gloss and lacey underoos because dad gum it…you’re fancy!

Give me a shout if you enjoyed/learned something from/hated the PRINCESS video!

Coming next week…BABIES!


Brand Spankin’ New Hollypop! VO Blog!

A Texas-sized howdy to ya!

Super excited to be re-launching my blog, along with my Brand Spankin’ New Website! I have some really big plans for this puppy! Wanna sneak peek?

#TipTuesdays! – Not so hum-drum tips for new (and not-so-new) voice over talent!


#SaturdaySpotlight! – Spectacular spotlights on bigshots and littleshots in the biz: producers, advertising agencies, recording studios, animation studios, animators, voice talent, musicians, managers, agents and writers! This is probably the topic I’m most giddy about! I love tootin’ other people’s horns! TOOT TOOT!








#WillyNillyWednesdays! – I reserve the right to be a total dork and post about my freaking awesome kids, my adventures in mom-ing, my dog’s green teeth, or even the best poo-poo spray.


Would love to hear your suggestions! And thanks oodles for checking out my blog!